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My Buffyholism is Showing

Slayer comma The. Look it up.

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The One Who Isn't Chosen
21 August 1984
General Disclaimer: I'm very verbose.

Credit to eowyn_315! ♥

I would hope it would be obvious that this is primarily a fandom journal for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Episode reviews, various meta, fanfiction, wallpapers, whatever. Anything goes when it comes to Buffy.

Since it's a fandom journal, anything I put on a public post is up for critique and discussion (flocked posts are generally personal and...well...comments are welcome, but don't critique them, alright?).

Here's da rules:

1. Friend me if you want. There are no hoops to jump through or special requirements to do so. I'll generally friend you back unless your LJ is in a different language from mine. Don't worry. All the fannish stuff is public so you won't be missing anything.

2. Comments are always welcome. Discussion is always welcome. Feel free to discuss something among yourselves if you wish. I consider the comments section to be something like a forum, and it's open for you guys to discuss the topic at hand.

3. Be nice! I hold the naive belief that even the most controversial of subjects can be discussed without devolving into a flamewar. When disagreeing or debating with someone, keep it civil. Personal attacks are absolutely not allowed, and I'll intervene if I feel I have to.

4. Racism, sexism, homophobia = BAD. Need this really be said? Don't be a bigot, please.

5. If you come across one of my old entries somehow, please feel free to comment. I know some people hesitate to post on older entries, but I have no problem with it. Indeed, I'm happy to know that people are still reading them.

On a more personal note, I'm a 246-year-old cat-owner who is currently in school for a degree in sociology. I'm a friendly sort.

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