The One Who Isn't Chosen (gabrielleabelle) wrote,
The One Who Isn't Chosen


Alrighty, let's make this Official official.

The episode polls and feminist filter are on hiatus.
I'm not checking my flist at the moment.
My fanfic WIPs are chilling.

If you need/want to talk to me, feel free to send an email at gabrielleabellelj (at)

I also have a Google Talk account attached to the email (so username is "gabrielleabellelj").

The social place I'm most active on at the moment is Goodreads, but that account is attached to my real name, so I'd rather not link it here. If you want to be friends on Goodreads, shoot me a PM/email/IM and we'll trade info. Then you can stalk my reading choices to your heart's content.

(Hiatus is entirely due to good personal reasons and is not at all to be associated with anything negative either in real life or in fandom)

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