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Okay, so if you're like me, you're gonna feel a lot better when you have a backup of your bookmarks exported from delicious. Unfortunately, if you're like me, the export function isn't working.

Guys, I got a workaround. Happily gakked from a lovely dude named Hadrianus J-r on Facebook. It requires some techie stuff, but I'll try to make it easy. Due to babysitting and school concerns, I'm probably not gonna be able to answer questions in comments, though.

Feel free to link and pass this around! I don't know how long this will work, so do it while you can.

1. Hit the Start menu and go to "Run". Type in "Drivers" (without quote marks). Hit enter, and a window'll pop up with a bunch of stuff. Click on the "etc" folder.

2. In this folder will be a file called "host". Open it in any text editor. Notepad works.

3. Copy and paste this to the file:

Save and close.

4. Then either restart your computer, or if you're tech savvy, go to the Command Prompt and do "ipconfig /flushdns".

5. Open your browser. Go to THIS IS IMPORTANT! The "www" has to be there! will take you to the new site. will take you to the old site.

6. Once at the old site, go to Settings and export your bookmarks.

7. SUPER-IMPORTANT. Go BACK to your hosts file and delete the info you had pasted in there originally. You don't wanna leave that in there.

8. Feel much more secure.

This saves your bookmarks as they were before the relaunch. It does include tag info, though it won't show unless you "View Document Source".

With this, you can switch to another bookmarking service or simply wait to see if delicious becomes usable again.

Good luck!
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