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On the Buffy Comics

1. I don't read the S8 comics. Not for any reasons inherent in the comics, themselves, but because I'm not a fan of the comics format. Yes, I've attempted to read other comic books. Not my thing. Likewise, I'm one of the few anime fans that has trouble getting into manga. I prefer my pictures to be moving.

BtVS ends with Chosen for me. I'm satisfied with that ending. I don't need or want more.

2. I do follow some of the comics discussion just because it's hard to avoid it. And I find I dislike the dynamic that tends to emerge in those discussions. As such, I typically would rather not get involved in them. I know there have been some comics-related discussions on my LJ before, but I have tried to set some guidelines in having them (As I recognize that, not having read them, the extent of my thoughts on them are limited). At this time, I'd rather just not delve into it at all.

3. That being said, the comics are free game for mention in most posts' comments, just the same as anything else. That's for me to deal with.

4. However, for posts where I explicitly say not to mention the comics in comments, I expect people to not mention the fucking comics in comments. Doing otherwise is just rude.

5. This is not a post for comment (hence comments disabled); this is a post for me to refer back to whenever someone gets curious as to my stance on the comics. I've seen myself grouped in with both the "pro-comics" and the "anti-comics" side (for lack of better terms). That's wonky. Here's the official stance of the gabs.

6. I have the cutest kitty ever!
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