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All I know about S8, I learned from LJ

Okay, folks, I've mentioned that I don't read S8. Mainly because comics aren't my medium and because I'm perfectly happy with how the series ended and don't want more. But it's hard to avoid talk about S8 here on LJ, so I've picked up bits and pieces and...I gotta amuses me.

So here's all I've learned.

Now, this isn't a "God, I hate S8!" post cause, obviously, I don't know and don't care. Haven't read it. But the small snapshots I've picked up bring me much mirth. Which, honestly, the small snapshots I got of the TV series before I watched it inspired the same reaction. It happens.

I suppose there are spoilers below. You know, for anybody trying to avoid them...

1. Buffy robs banks in a submarine. Or something like that.

2. Dawn has been both a giant and a centaur. Thanks to some...creative fics involving both situations, I have been scarred for life (I'm looking at you, stormwreath and mabus101!).

3. Buffy experiments with a girl, which is either a lovely exploration of lesbianism or sleazy guy fanservice.

4. Spangel is Buffy's worst nightmare.

5. Stephen Colbert knows about vampires. Actually, this is probably true in real life.

6. Angel starts calling himself "Twilight". I can only assume that he wishes he could sparkle.

7. Oh, and he dresses like Batman.

8. And much like S2, Angel is going around killing people Buffy knows. Which just goes to show, you can never escape high school.

9. Willow gets it on with a giant snake creature...thing...

10. Dark Willow didn't kill Warren as thoroughly as we all thought, because he's back and he's hooked up with Amy.

11. Spike is either a) completely unimportant to the story OR b) so incredibly important that his appearance is the big sexy vampire surprise at the end of the tunnel.

Anybody wanna giggle with me? I'm sure it all makes sense in context (well, maybe not), but it sounds fantastically crack-like to me. I just have to giggle.

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