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Obama made me do it

Apparently Obama made June LGBT month or something like that.

Which gives me an excuse to do a wallpaper for my favorite queer character, vamp!Willow.

Cause she's hot.

Wall is 1024x768. Click on thumbnail for full image.


It's my sister's, alexeia_drae, birthday tomorrow. But I have her prezzies ready now. So here.

Tara's her favorite character. So I made a wallpaper of her. Came out halfway-decent, though I think I'm better at episode walls. Anyway, surprise prezzie is below the cut. Happy birthday, Neesa.

Wall is 1024x768 and is free for anyone to download. Click on the thumbnail for full image.

Extra prezzie below the cut. Warning: open mockery of a much-beloved BtVS sceneCollapse )


Eh, this month is apparently Poetry Month or something like that.

I don't do poetry.

But I do do Photoshop.

I yoinked Spike's poem from NFA (Yeah, I haven't seen it yet, but I have mentioned that I know oodles of spoilers, right? I know about it) and made a bit of a wallpaper with it. There. That's my contribution to poetry month. Enjoy.

Click the thumbnail below for the full-size image (1024x768).

Screencaps from Screencap Paradise
Textures from Misplaced Moments

I haven't done a wallpaper in a while. This was fun. Though I really should have been studying.

Well, school starts tomorrow...

Since classes start tomorrow and that's gonna cut into my fandom time, here's a little status report.

Also, under the cut is a wallpaper for the Spuffy scene in Showtime. It's been posted before, but I wanted to post it again since that scene got quite a few votes in the Spuffy poll. :)

Below a cut to save my bandwidthCollapse )

Reviews: I hope to get a review posted each month. Yes, it's slower than before. Before, the reviews had already been written ahead of time, and I was just posting them. Now I'm all caught up, so you have to wait for me to actually write them. And with school, it's gonna take me more time.

Fanfics: Likewise, updates to fanfics will be slower. Unfortunately, schoolwork comes first. Hopefully, Murphy will be finished soon and then I'll just have one WIP to deal with. I'm not gonna hold myself to a timeline on these, though, but I'll update when I can.

Meta and such: Most likely, I won't be writing too much meta once school starts up. Maybe a poll every now and again (Cause...quick and easy for me). But I wouldn't expect much in the way of meta during the semester (Though I may surprise you. You never know).

ETA: Also, I've added a master list for my meta on the front page of my LJ. Just to make it easy for people to find stuff. :)

And that's it. I'm excited about going back to school!

Gratuitously Naked Spike Wallpaper

Well, I decided to give myself a (late) birthday present of a naked Spike wallpaper. I'm not gonna bother posting this to any comms cause it's pretty simple, pretty gratuitous, and technically not that great. But it has lots of naked Spike, so I thought I'd share the love at least a little.

No cut. Just Spike. Naked:

1024x768. Click the thumbnail for the full-size version.

Screencaps: Screencap Paradise
Texture: Shattered
Font: Luna Bar

Oh, and I really love Spike for his mind. Oh, yes. His fine, fine mind.

5 (more) BtVS Wallpapers

Inside: 5 Buffy walls


5 BtVS Wallpapers

Inside: 5 walls




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