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I think I'm gonna be able to post Chapter 11 of Influence of Demons this upcoming weekend. *preemptive happy dance*

In other ficcy news, I had an idea for a fic wherein a post-NFA Spuffy reunion is complicated by an appearance by Owen from S1. However, instead of getting all into a Spike-Owen rivalry, the two bond over a mutual love of poetry. I am completely stupid when it comes to poetry, though, so I could never write this fic.

Also, I want an all-human AU where Spike is a pirate and Buffy is a naval officer. There's a cliche treasure plot with Spike being enlisted to help guide Buffy and her crew to the X. Romance and adventure ensues.

Also also, I've always wanted a fic where Hank Summers shows back up and has to be introduced to the Buffy/Spike pairing. I know a couple fics that have done something like this, but I want more. I think I have a kink for characters being introduced to the weird world of the Slayer.

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The Kindle (and I) Talks!

This is a voice post to demonstrate the funniness of the aforementioned Kindle reading fanfic.

The Kindle's a bit quiet, so you're gonna have to up the volume somewhat.

The fanfic in question is a small portion of Haunt of the House by Tracy. (Sinister Attraction doesn't seem to be loading at the moment, but that's the link for it.)

Then I also do a small snippet of Captivated by Nautibitz because...the Kindle reading smut is lulzy. You'll hear me laughing during that one.

Forgive my accent, y'all.

Computer voices just ain't there yet...

what the hell
I ended up stuck in a random Friday night traffic jam for two hours earlier this evening. Given the dire situation, I decided to try out the "text-to-speech" feature of my Kindle and set it to read some fanfic to me.


Well, that was a singularly bizarre experience.

Me: Why does Spike keep calling Buffy "Pat"?

*looks down at Kindle*

Me: ...oh!

I just feel glad it wasn't a smutty fic. That would have been beyond the bounds of ridiculous.

1. So all my fellow William fans have read Yours, William by Puddinhead, right? RIGHT? Cause that was the fanfic that ate my soul last night and had me staying up three hours later than I'd planned.

For serious. William + Buffy's bloomers = SEXIEST SCENE EVER!!!

I think I've developed a "servant!Buffy, master!William, time-travel, Buffy/William fic" kink. I blame unbridled_b. I blame her SO HARD.

Anyway, I have the sequel on my to-read list. I EXPECT IT'LL BE MAGICAL.

2. In the midst of trying to finish up my various WIPs, I inadvertently came up with a fic premise I wanted to write last night. Dammit, no new fics till I finish the ones I have! *shows restraint*

3. The Influence write is cruising along. I'm at that crucial point where I know what needs to be done, but I'm a little intimidated to figure out how to actually do it. I'm just writing through it and I'll make it all pretty on rewrite. *sigh*

In case you weren't aware of Operation Finish the Fuck Out of My Fics, I want to try to, well, finish up the WIPs I have. Influence of Demons first, cause that's the one I see asked about the most. Then the Willow/Cordy Closet series. Then Murphy's Law. After that, I can start on any one of the number of plot bunnies I keep coming up with.

I have a bad habit of not finishing projects. I'm trying to get better at that. *nods*

Anyway, the basic point here is: GO READ Yours, William GUYS IT'S SO AWESOME!

delicious ---> Pinboard

So, I got a Pinboard account for my fanfic (not fanfic I write, but fanfic I have read or want to read). The username "gabrielleabelle" was strangely taken, and I'm trying to remember if I signed up way back when the news about Yahoo selling delicious first broke. In any case, that account's showing as disabled, so I just opted for the more unwieldy "gabrielleabellefanfic".

gabslinkspam - for the rape links - and gabsbuffymeta - for the meta I've written - are still on delicious. I'm gonna wait to see how things progress there. I use my fanfic account a lot more frequently at the moment, so it was necessary for me to find a new place for them.

Pinboard's working for me so far. It imported my mammoth amount of links quickly. I like the "read later" feature, and if I'd known that they had a bookmarklet that randomly served up one of your unread links, I might've switched earlier. I'd been hoping delicious would implement something like that. I had just been tagging fics as "to-read", but Pinboard dedicates an entire thing to it. So I'm adjusting my fanfic-reading procedure to accommodate the new service. I think it's gonna work out well.

I do miss a couple things. Bundles, most obviously (though I heard rumors that Pinboard may be implementing them sometime in the future). Also, I miss having a count of my tag uses. Like, I know when I click on a tag, it'll list out all the fics with that tag and give me a count. But I liked in delicious how I could just look at, say, all my character tags and get a quick comparison of how often they're used. Also, the bulk editing feature is a bit underwhelming. Also also, I'd like the ability to delete a bookmark from the bookmarklet popup. As it is, I have to do a search at the site to find the bookmark and delete it from there. It's just a bit inconvenient.

But the maintainer seems to be preferable to AVOS, so I'm optimistic.

I've been trying to do that good reader thing where I leave feedback for every fic I finish reading. I'm picky when reading fics so if I make it to the end, I must have enjoyed it in some way. I'm just so inept at leaving feedback. I never have much to say besides "I liked this", and that can get awkward, especially with fic that was posted back in 2004 or something. :/

But yeah, I know, I'm a writer, too, and I'd be happy to get feedback on older stuff. So I've been commenting and even emailing authors with my clumsy one-liner feedback. I like the Kudos feature at AO3. It's a more elegant way for me to express a general like for the fic without feeling like a doof.

I have thoughts on the Kindle, y'all

I'd been largely indifferent to the thought of getting an ebook reader for a while now. However, just recently, my dad got a Kindle. It's unthinkable for my dad to have a nifty gadget that I don't have, therefore I decided that I should have a Kindle, too. So I asked for and received a Kindle 3 for my birthday.

I thought the 3G option sounded pointlessly expensive, so I just got the one with Wi-Fi. The point is to load the thing up with SO MUCH STUFF, I don't need the connection except every once in a while to top up, right?

Anyway, here are my thoughts after several days of extensive use:

Of course, there's a cut...Collapse )

willow/oz 6
So, Andrew and I were discussing fanfic a while ago. He doesn't "get" it. He approaches fiction differently than I do, and his approach isn't conducive to ficcing. That's cool.

However, then he started asking about slash, because that really puzzled him (and since he's an outsider to fandom, slash is the Big Weird Thing that he hears about a lot). At first, I withheld from commenting on the grounds that I'm not a slasher. However, after another thought, I told him that I had written some slash - my Closet series featuring Willow/Cordelia.

When he asked me why I had written it, I explained how I thought the two characters had interesting interactions but that their relationship fell by the wayside in canon as the series went on. My fic is an attempt to fill in the gaps, as it were.

Andrew got that, but then he asked if it wasn't possible to do such a thing without the romantic element. You know, with them just as friends.

Well, that stumped me.

After some consideration, I fell back on the: "Well, they're just hot together" reason. Which worked for Andrew, but it didn't quite satisfy me (though it is quite true).

Now I've put more thought on it, and I don't know that I'd have ever written Willow/Cordy if I weren't in fandom. By that, I mean that fandom shapes the bounds of what I write as I'm all absorbed in fannish culture. Hell, a lot of fics would never have been written were I not in fandom, as they're often in response to or directed towards a fandom audience.

The Wordy is different, though, in that it's in response to fandom's romance-centric structure. Well, maybe narrow that down to the fanfic part of fandom. Fanfic is a ship-heavy arena. Archives tend to divide things up into pairings, and genfic's place is oft-debated.

Once I sussed on to that, the reason why I went the Willow/Cordy sexy-times route rather than the Willow/Cordy friendship route makes sense. Fanfic tends to default to romantic pairings in one way or another. So when I want to explore a relationship between two characters, the go-to way of doing so is to hook them up (I did the same with Robin and Spike in Intimacy, come to think of it).

This romance-centric aspect is to the point where a genfic written by a Spuffy fan would probably look different, have a different audience, and end up on different comms/archives than one written by a Bangel fan. Cause fanfic fandom tends to fracture around pairings (not to ignore the people who span the gaps, of course).

I found this all interesting. Now I'm pondering on the follow-up question of why fanfic tends to fall along such lines. My initial guess is that it's to do with it being female-dominated, but that seems a cursory answer to me. Join me in my mulling?


Hey, did I miss a memo? Is there a rift between soulless Spike/Buffy fans and souled Spike/Buffy fans?

Okay, that phrasing makes it sound like the fans, themselves, are soulless. Y'all know what I mean.

I was surprised to see a couple posts about it (older posts by internet time, but I'm slow sometimes). I mean, are we gonna have to bring out the all-penguin Spuffy AUs to unite the ship again? Cause we can.

I guess I haven't noticed any rift (Putting aside the history of the ship where I know that was a deal). I know that people have their own personal interpretations of canon and fanfic preferences, and that the two may or may not correlate with each other. Like, I don't think Spuffy is particularly feasible in canon while Spike is soulless, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy reading fanfic with such a scenario. Likewise, I think Spuffy in S4 is such a long-shot as to be laughable in canon (as it was in Something Blue), but I adore S4 Spuffy fanfic.

So if there's a rift, can I stand in the middle? Anybody else enjoy fanfic about something that they don't grok in canon? Do fanfic preferences always align with canon interpretations? What type of penguins would Buffy and Spike be, anyway? Answers, people!

Character Poll - For Writers

I'm bored. And I've been in the midst of an epic bout of writer's block with Influence because I've hit one of those times where I just can't get Spike's POV right. It happens.

So here's a poll for writers about characters and writing from their POV. I think it's pretty self-explanatory ("writing for" = writing from that character's viewpoint, either in first person or third person limited), so I won't go on with instructions. Have at it!

Fanfic writers! Click the cut!Collapse )

Schmoop, Fluff, Angst, Death?

So as I've been working on writing, I looked ahead on my schmoop_bingo prompts. One of them is "anniversary - one partner sick". My immediate thought was to go back to the post-apocalyptic universe of Strength that I'd gone to with Connection and Defeat. But then I came up against something that caused me to pause.

Cause if I did go back there for that prompt, Buffy would die.

After all, Defeat has the fallout of a nuclear explosion, and Buffy's clearly sick. It's not explicitly noted, but I wrote it so that she has leukemia as a result of exposure to radiation. She proposes marriage to Spike, though. For the next visitation to the verse, it makes sense to me that she'd die.

But...well, I suppose the connotation with "schmoop" is that the fics will be fluffy. But that's not exactly my take on the term. I'm not good at writing fluff, despite my love for reading the genre. So I like my schmoop_fics to have something of an edge to them.

"Schmoop", to me, is just a sign that there'll be overwhelming romantic shippiness of some sort. This, obviously, can include fluff as couples do couple-y things (Say, eating pancakes together or something syrupy like that). But it can also refer to a character, say, having a long monologue about how much they love their partner as they die. That would be schmoop. It would be sad schmoop, but schmoop nonetheless.

Though I'm kinda wondering if I'm alone in my interpretation of schmoop. Are most people expecting pure fluff when they read a schmoopfic? If so, I'd feel kinda bad about delivering a deathfic (even though I'm surely gonna warn).

So, schmoop, guys? What's it mean to you?

Um...should this go under a cut? Does this count as potential fic spoilers for a hypothetical fic that's as of yet unwritten? I have no clue on the etiquette on this one.

Edit: My minority opinion, let me show you it. Think along the lines of Buffy killing Angel in Becoming Pt 2 or Fred's death or Wesley's death for schmoopy death scenes. At least, I find them schmoopy. But I appear to be working from a different definition of "schmoop" than most people...

(I Smell) Sex and Writing

Random question is random.

Have a poll for writers, folks. Given the nature of the poll, the detailed responses are set to private so only I can view them. And I'm not particularly interested in taking a look at them. Have fun!

Do you draw on any personal experience to write sex scenes? Select any and all that may apply.

Yes. I use my own experience to help describe sensations or feelings. Just very vague stuff.
Yes. I write sex scenes based on actual positions I've tried.
Yes. I've written sex scenes that pretty closely mirror actual sex I've had, sometimes right down to dialogue.
Yes, and I've had sex with my partner for the express purpose of writing a sex scene based on it later
No, not at all. But I have written sex scenes. I just haven't drawn on personal experience to do so.
I've never written a sex scene. Your question is invalid.
I've never had a sexual experience. Your question is invalid.
I'm not a writer, but I want to mess up your precious numbers so I'm gonna ticky this box. *insert evil laugh here*

Fanficcers of the Buffyverse

sadistic pollgirl2
Eh, I'm winding down from Day 1 of finals and there's this whole ruckus about fanfic being teh evil on my flist or something. I have nothing in particular to add because, frankly, I don't care if a writer shrieks in horror at the thought of fanfic.

But to go with the theme, let's do a fanfic-related Buffy poll. Below the cut, guys. :)

Probably not gonna be what you're expecting...Collapse )

For grins

Ah, I have no rantiness. In fact, I think I'm past my anger and have now moved on to let the fandom frustrations simmer to a roiling boil again.

Cause fandom's for fun, after all!

As I've been wandering through fanfic, I've come across some...very odd pairings. And, as always, I must share the joy with you guys! Now, these aren't just weird pairings like, say, Jonathan/Larry or something. No, I'm talking pairings that will make you do a bit of a double-take. It's fun!

Let it be noted, though, that I caught these as they were going on my 'to-read' list. This means I have not read them. So these aren't exactly 'recs'. More like 'look how awesome/weird/insane our fandom is'!

5. The Carpenter and the Wood by JustHuman - Xander/Mr. Pointy

4. Strange Little Girl by Patricia - Dawn/Wesley, Dawn/Lindsey, Eve/Dawn

3. Redneckin' by Mydeira - Cordelia/Lyle Gorch

2. Going Towards Yes by K.V. Wylie - Giles/Ira Rosenberg

1. Porn Without Prawns (Or, Cleaning the Spunk off the Walls) by ArtemisEcstasy, hold_that_thought, nongenius, and Bracken - Adam/Ampata/Amy/Andrew/Angel/The Anointed One/Anya/Aprilbot/Baby Connor/Billy from Nightmares/The Bug Man/Buffy/Chantarelle/Clem/Darla/Dawn/Demony Swim Team/Devon/D'Hoffryn/Dreg/Drusilla/Faith/Principal Flutie/Ford/Fryal!Giles/Gachnar/The Gentlemen/Giles/Glory/Halfreck/Hank Summers/Hansel and Gretel from Gingerbread/Harmony/Tucker's Hellhounds/Jack O'Tool/Jenny Calendar's Corpse/Joyce/The Judge/Kakistos/Kathy/Kendra/Kralik/Larry/Lindsay/Machida/Maggie Walsh/Marcy/The Master/The Mayor/Miss Edith/Mr Gordo/Mr Pointy/MmFashnik/Moloch/The Mummy Hand/Parker/Percy/Quellor Demon/Quentin Travers/Riley/Scott Hope/Sid the Dummy/St Cordelia/Snyder/Spike/Sunday/Ted/Vamp!Jesse/Vamp!Willow/Veruca/Warren's Flayed Skin/Whistler/Willow/Xander/Zombie!Forrest

And yes. I am very curious about that last one.

As a bonus, here's something that is a rec. If you squint, it could be Drusilla/Andrew, too. But it's just a fun little ficlet. Read it!

The Really Odd Couple by mahaliem

Oh, Mondays...

Why is Spring Break only one week long? *sigh*

More random fic observations cause I have to share:

- Songfics! I haven't seen those in forever, but I'm coming across them by the bucketfuls now. Please tell me, am I the only person who skips over the song and just reads the story?

- You know, I've gotten to the point where I don't mind biting in fics. You know, the erotic type of biting. As long as it's on the neck. When I see fics with breast-biting during sex, I get squicked beyond belief and have to spend a few minutes protectively covering my chest.

- I like Drusilla. She's very rarely done well in fics, but I love it when she is.

- Ditto for Anya. For some reason, people have trouble writing from her POV. I rarely come across a fic that has a good Anya voice. Weird, cause I actually think she's one of the easier characters to write for.

- It's a little confusing, because when browsing fics, X/A will almost always mean Xander/Angel, not Xander/Anya. Yep.

- When writing slash, pronouns are a bitch. I had the same difficulty when writing femslash. Dammit, it's forcing me to not be lazy! *grumble*

Points of Fandom

- The Powers must have a suicidal vampire champion here in Texas or something because it's snowing AGAIN. Third time this year. I don't know what to believe in anymore.

- Read a few S6 Bangel fics. Apparently, the Buffy/Spike sex was all about...Angel. *headdesk*

- After reading several Xander fics, I've come to the conclusion that Xander, as a character, bores me to tears. I like him...I just don't find him very interesting.

- Every time I think I've seen the strangest pairing possible, I come across something even stranger. Fandom, you never disappoint.

- To follow up on that: Devon? Really, fandom? Devon? A character that maybe had ten lines throughout the entire series gets oodles of fic written about him, but I can barely find any Robin Wood fics? What's the deal? Dude, he got bitten by Spike!!! The subtext is right there! Am I gonna have to write this Robin/Spike slash myself?

- While I've gotten a ton done on meta this Spring Break, I was largely unproductive with regards to fanfics. I just don't have my fic-brain on, I guess. I'm sorry.

Fics that are nifty

So I might as well rec the fics I've bookmarked recently. Cause I've found some good stuff! Angsty and smutty Buffy/Spike. Fluffy and smutty Buffy/Spike. Dark and brutal and smutty Buffy/Spike. Oh! And AtS gen, William/Angelus, Willow/Faith, Angel/Willow/Spike, Willow/Xander, and naked!Spike. Variety. I haz it.

Oh, and happy birthday to eowyn_315 who's out of town but hey it's the thought that counts, right???

There be eleven recs this time...Collapse )


Okay, I've been amused by the wide variety of characters and pairings I've seen ficced. But there's one character that I've found pretty much no fics for, and this makes me sad.

People, where are the Robin Wood fics????

Am I the only person who fangirls the guy? Am I??

Any recs? Any pairing or no pairing at all. I'm not gonna be picky, but I want something that features Robin. Hell, I'll be extra-super-happy if someone has a link to a Robin/Spike fic (I would read that and love it). Come on! They're like the Riley/Spike of S7! Hate!sex FTW!!!


And now the hand-off...

Gah. Need more sleep.

Before I go to take a nap, let me throw some stuff at you guys.

1. goldenusagi continues to be awesome and has done some more macros for my feminist Checkpoint rewrite. It's lulz-worthy, so go look!

2. Also, gillo's wanting to try out some B/A fics, so I thought I'd post some links to the B/A side of fandom. I'm afraid I don't have any individual fic recs as I haven't run across a B/A fic that rocked my boat enough to bookmark. But these links will take you to oodles of well-written Bangel fics that you can check out.

- chrisleeoctaves has a tag devoted to fic recs. She recs some other pairings sometimes, but it's mostly B/A.

- B/A fandom has the IWRY ficathon and the archive for it is here. Bundles of oodles of B/A fics. Also, the top-level domain, Octaves of the Heart has a variety of different fanfic archives (again, containing a lot of B/A).

- Ducks' Fanfic is an author site with mostly B/A. Again, oodles of stories.

Hope that helps!

Read These Fics

I'm always so excited to share the awesome fics I've found. Have some more recs!

In this post: Some Buffy/Spike, Wesley/Doyle, Spike/Tara, and non-pairing genfics. Mainly Buffy/Spike this time round, though.

Twelve fics be linked under the cutCollapse )

A time and place for everything...

I should be taking a test today in my online stats course, but the instructor FUBARed while posting the exam. So, instead, I'm getting some amusement at the MASS PANIC going on in the class forums and catching up on some fanfic reading. Oh, Sundays...

I've come across an interesting (to me) observation. I can read early-season B/A fics with little difficulty as far as "buying" it. Oh, it doesn't rock my boat or anything, but...of course, I can see it.

However, when B/A fics are set farther and farther away from, say, S4, I have more and more difficulty suspending my disbelief. I think it's cause I see Sanctuary/The Yoko Factor as the final death knell of the canon ship, so when I read a fic set post-NFA with Buffy and Angel together (with no explanation), I'm left squinting and going, "Huh. I don't get it."

Course, the opposite holds true for Buffy/Spike. I can buy Buffy/Spike fics set, say, S5 and on. No problem. However, as B/S fics are set earlier and earlier in the series, I find I'm having to make greater mental leaps to assuage my love for canon-compliance.

On the other hand, since I am a Spuffy shipper, certain well-written B/S fics set in S1-S4 still rock my boat to the point where I just mentally hand-wave away the fact that I could never ever buy the canon-ness of it (Especially S1-S3 fics because Buffy was so into Angel during those seasons...I just can't see it).

It's like...well, like the Buffy/Xander ship. I could buy it for fics set in S1 or S2 (maybe S3...though it would have to work at it). By the time we get to S7, though, Buffy/Xander not only sets off an immediate squick reaction in me, I just can't buy that those two would get together.

Yeah, I have no real point to these thoughts. I just thought they were interesting, and, hey, I have some free time, apparently.


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