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Episode Poll: 5.13 Blood Ties

So I'm taking the GRE next Monday. I'm CRAMMING. As such, I may be a mere ghostly presence in the LJ world for the next week. (Though there may be more Wordy fic soon...)

Still, have a poll!

Midpoint of S5, anyone? You know you wanna poll for Blood Ties...

Poll #1832620
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 109

1. Buffy finally tells the others that Dawn's the Key. They're annoyed that she took so long. Do you think she was in the right to keep that info under wraps?

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Yes. After all, the Scoobies started acting weirdly around Dawn once they know.
58 (54.7%)
She had been at first, but she took too long to tell them.
28 (26.4%)
No. She should have told them as soon as she found out.
2 (1.9%)
I have another answer.
7 (6.6%)
Not sure.
11 (10.4%)

2. The Knights of Byzantium make another appearance in this episode. Some people have issues with these guys. What say you?

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Stupid concept.
18 (17.0%)
Interesting concept. Poorly executed.
63 (59.4%)
Good concept. Good execution. I have no issues.
15 (14.2%)
I have another answer.
2 (1.9%)
Not sure.
8 (7.5%)

3. Which Scooby do you think does the worst job of "acting normal" around Dawn?

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Willow. "Well, I don't think Buffy would like the, uh, black arts bumpin' auras with the littlest Summers."
10 (9.7%)
Tara. "This should give us a heads-up so we can hide ... the, um, key."
8 (7.8%)
Anya. "You make a very pretty little girl!"
68 (66.0%)
Xander. "How's my sweet fancy Dawn doing?"
17 (16.5%)

4. Is Glory prettier than Buffy? Dawn says yes.

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Yeah. Glory's prettier than Buffy.
8 (7.5%)
They're equally pretty.
20 (18.9%)
Nope. Buffy's prettier than Glory.
70 (66.0%)
I have another answer
5 (4.7%)
Not sure
3 (2.8%)

5. Dawn finds out she's the Key in this episode. Should Buffy have told her earlier?

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49 (46.2%)
30 (28.3%)
I have another answer
5 (4.7%)
Not sure
22 (20.8%)

6. Spike complains about not being in "the bloody loop" with regards to Dawn as the Key. Should he have been told?

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22 (20.8%)
51 (48.1%)
I have another answer
6 (5.7%)
Not sure
27 (25.5%)

7. Glory threatens to brain-suck Dawn before Buffy interrupts. Would she have been able to?

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Yes. Then Dawn would still be usable as the Key.
28 (26.7%)
Yeah, but then she couldn't use Dawn as the Key
12 (11.4%)
24 (22.9%)
I have another answer.
6 (5.7%)
Not sure
35 (33.3%)

8. Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating:

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***** (Five stars)
6 (5.8%)
**** (Four stars)
59 (57.3%)
*** (Three stars)
35 (34.0%)
** (Two stars)
2 (1.9%)
* (One star)
1 (1.0%)


Apr. 10th, 2012 03:16 pm (UTC)
#1 -- Buffy, as usual, was right all along, and there is no reason that any of them have to know Dawn is the key.

No reason! It just endangers everyone. The weird acting, the torture, and they don't know that Glory doesn't have mind readers at her disposal. Buffy allows herself to get shamed into telling everyone and it backfires big time. Ultimately, it's how Glory finds out. (I think... I think it goes something like, Scoobies know, so Dawn knows, so Ben knows, and he betrays that knowledge to a minion.)

In fact, the best argument for having made the key Buffy's little sister -- because it means that all the Scoobies will go way out of their way to protect her WITHOUT knowing she's the key.

Clearly, only The Slayer and Her Watcher could ever be trusted with this information.

#2 -- The Knights (who say Key) -- I was still okay with the Knights in this episode because we don't know that much about who they are and where they come from, but by the end of Spiral, there's just too much about them that doesn't make any sense -- particularly their timeline. Actually, the whole Glory/Ben timeline doesn't make a lot of sense. The more explanation about The Beast and The Key that we get, the less sense it all makes.

#3 -- Anya, definitely. However, Anya is always kinda weird, so maybe she's not the one who makes Dawn most suspicious.

#4 -- Glory has psycho eyes. Anyway, on her own show, NOBODY is prettier than Buffy. Except maybe Evil Vampire Willow.

#5 -- Once again, obviously, no. Dawn knowing leads to Glory knowing.

#6 -- Interesting theme, here. Everybody thinks they should have been told earlier, yet events as they play out make it clear that no, in fact, they shouldn't have been told, ever.

#7 -- I'm pretty sure that Glory brain-sucking Dawn would have discovered she's the key, but who knows?

#8 -- Four stars for the "Is this blood?" scene.
Apr. 10th, 2012 03:43 pm (UTC)
Actually, Glory only finds out because she's brain-sucked Tara, who starts talking about the pretty green light (or something) while looking at Dawn the next time Glory finds them. Everybody is able to keep the secret from Glory — though admittedly Dawn telling Ben was NOT very strategic.
Apr. 10th, 2012 05:00 pm (UTC)
Oh, right! I remember now. The Ben reveal is how she knows to look for a *person*. So, still unhelpful.
Apr. 10th, 2012 09:45 pm (UTC)
2. I have often been curious about Glory/Ben. Like, when did Ben realize he shared a body with a hellgod? Did his parents know? How on earth did he make it all the way to med school with that particular disability? Why wasn't Glory doing anything to find the Key before? What's up with the hobbit guys?

4. Word.
Apr. 10th, 2012 10:18 pm (UTC)
2. My big guess is that his parents don't know for the same reason that no other humans know until Weight of the World -- mojo keeps people from realizing. Though, maybe Ben doesn't have parents; we never hear him have a last name. I almost wonder if part of the spell that keeps Glory and Ben divided works as a shimmer to keep Ben from being outed, and he only gets fired in Tough Love when the magic is getting closer to wearing off? He does mention that he used to keep Glory submerged with drugs.
Apr. 11th, 2012 12:48 am (UTC)
Hmmm...well, we see his hospital nametag in WoTW when Spike's going through Glory's place. He appears to have a last name of some sort there, though maybe he forged it.

I almost wonder if part of the spell that keeps Glory and Ben divided works as a shimmer to keep Ben from being outed, and he only gets fired in Tough Love when the magic is getting closer to wearing off? He does mention that he used to keep Glory submerged with drugs.

Oh, good ideas!
Apr. 12th, 2012 02:56 am (UTC)
As it sounded like much magic went into keeping her trapped in her "prison of flesh and bone," I always got the impression that Glory wasn't able to muster enough to strength to be out long term until shortly before s5. I picture as she would appear sporadically throughout Ben's younger years. However frequent enough for 1) him to know something freaky was going on and 2) for Glory to at least gather minions/find out about the Key and the Knights. Also with Ben apparently keeping her suppressed with drugs, it makes [at least some] sense why her efforts to find the Key were often stalled.

Hmm...are there any fics out there about Ben's younger years?


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