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Episode Poll: 5.07 Fool for Love

Fool for Love! I'm so excited!

William! If some of these look familiar, it's because I've kinda done polls for this episode in the past. I'm a fan of recycling...but there's new people and maybe your opinion's changed! Also, new questions! Have at it! Seriously, I had to stop myself. I was coming up with far too many questions. It's not fair to the other episodes.

Let's do this!

Poll #1817396
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 150

1. After Buffy is stabbed by a vampire, Riley offers to patrol. Buffy insists that he take the Scoobies along with him. Reasonable?

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Yes. Buffy just got almost-killed by a regular vamp. Strength in numbers is smart.
121 (81.8%)
No. Riley can handle himself.
13 (8.8%)
I have another answer.
5 (3.4%)
Not sure.
9 (6.1%)

2. So...Cecily?

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Unreasonably rude to William.
86 (58.1%)
Eh, William was probably being a creepy stalker guy. He deserved the smackdown.
24 (16.2%)
I have another answer.
18 (12.2%)
Not sure.
20 (13.5%)

3. Did William actually go back and drive railroad spikes through those party-goers' heads after he was turned?

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Well, yeah. That's how he got his name, right?
100 (67.6%)
Nah. That was part of the joke about how he got his name
33 (22.3%)
I have another answer
5 (3.4%)
Not sure
10 (6.8%)

4. So did Drusilla actually use her super-seer sense to realize how fantastic Spike would be when she turned William?

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Yep. Hence the whole talking about his greatness and effulgence and such
89 (59.7%)
Nah, Darla showed that she would have done that to the first person she saw. She wanted a playmate.
36 (24.2%)
I have another answer
10 (6.7%)
Not sure
14 (9.4%)

5. Do all Slayers have a death wish?

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56 (38.4%)
40 (27.4%)
I have another answer
17 (11.6%)
Not sure
33 (22.6%)

6. Does Buffy have a death wish?

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17 (11.4%)
109 (73.2%)
15 (10.1%)
Not sure
8 (5.4%)

7. Does Buffy want to dance?

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Yes, of course!
30 (20.7%)
Maybe a little, though she wouldn't admit it
99 (68.3%)
No way.
7 (4.8%)
Not sure
9 (6.2%)

8. Buffy shoved Spike to the ground, threw money at him, then gave him the ultimate put down.

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Wow. That's mean.
55 (37.4%)
Nah, Spike was being a jerk. She had reason.
62 (42.2%)
I have another answer.
18 (12.2%)
Not sure.
12 (8.2%)

9. The Chinese Slayer or the Subway Slayer?

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Chinese Slayer
38 (26.2%)
Subway Slayer (Nikki Wood)
107 (73.8%)

10. If Buffy hadn't been crying - and assuming his chip wouldn't disable him - would Spike have shot and killed Buffy?

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16 (10.8%)
86 (58.1%)
Not sure.
46 (31.1%)

11. Did Spike tell Buffy the truth about his past as a bloody awful poet and his rejection by Cecily?

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23 (15.4%)
112 (75.2%)
Not sure
14 (9.4%)

12. Which flashback did you like best?

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William getting turned by Drusilla
24 (16.3%)
William - Spike - learning about the Slayer from Angelus
16 (10.9%)
Spike killing his first Slayer
18 (12.2%)
Spike killing his second Slayer
76 (51.7%)
Drusilla getting caught cheating on Spike
13 (8.8%)

13. Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating:

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***** (Five stars)
119 (82.6%)
**** (Four stars)
23 (16.0%)
*** (Three stars)
2 (1.4%)
** (Two stars)
0 (0.0%)
* (One star)
0 (0.0%)


Feb. 8th, 2012 12:49 am (UTC)
FFL! WHEEE! One of my very favorite episodes!

1. Yes. Riley was never a lone gunman he has always hunted in teams.

2. My kneejerk reaction is yes, but really I think it's more complicated than that. She obviously had no interest in William. He was obviously oblivious to that fact. I think the real answer is somewhere in the middle of the two.

3. Oh. Hell. Yes. He considered it "poetic" justice.

4. Yep.

5. Maybe not at first, but I think the 24/7/365 nature of the role gets to them.

6. Yep. Sometimes.

7. Oh hell yes she does

8. Mean. And form the way it's juxtaposed over his origin story we're meant to think it's mean.

9. Subway Slayer FTW!

10. Would he have shot the gun? Yes. Would he even possibly have injured her? Uh huh. But I doubt he'd have gone through with actually killing her.

11. No. He was spinning an "always been bad" yarn for her. His image is everything to him. Plus, Buffy isn't needlessly cruel. I highly doubt she'd have used the phrase "beneath me" if she knew its relevance.

12. Subway Slayer!!!

13. ***** Five stars!
Feb. 8th, 2012 03:56 am (UTC)
3. Darn right he did!

11. This is true.


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