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Feb. 8th, 2012 (UTC)

2-He was, in her eyes, beneath her because Halfrek was a demon in 1880. This is similar to Anya at the beginning of The Wish. This is the only reasonable conclusion since she and Anya discuss being competitive during the Crimean War which they wouldn't have been if she weren't already a demon and the Crimean War was during the 1850's.

4-I say that she saw who he was in that moment. If she were really able to see him becoming the slayer of slayers, then she would have also seen him side with the slayer and fall in love with the slayer.

5-I put not sure 'cause I say yes and no. Each are at their core like Buffy and don't want to die, but there are also those moments where she wants to rest.
Of course if you want to be particularly morbid, you can take the death wish to be that moment in the fight when she gets behind and hopes that the vampire who's winning just kills her, but I don't think that that was what you meant.

7-Need to answer 'maybe a little but...' wouldn't put herself in the position to be hurt the way she was with Angel again. Spike has shown himself to Buffy to be on whatever side suits his survival which wouldn't make it unreasonable for her to believe, whether right or not, that Spike would if given the appropriate incentive stab her in the back.

9-Chinese, not sure if he'd have gotten her without the explosion assist.

10-If she's seen him coming and insulted him first, maybe, but if he'd just been able to watch her a moment, like in canon 'cause she was crying, nope.

11-In Spike's eyes Buffy already thinks very little of him and her knowing that would only give her more ammunition. Plus, there wouldn't be anything to stop her from telling people who dislike him more and would be even less quiet about it, i.e. Xander.

12-Tough question. I was having trouble choosing between getting turned and his first slayer and went with his first slayer. That one seems more Spike centric to me.

13-5 stars! I would give it more if I could jump from one Spike scene to the next without any Riley mucking it up.

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