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Feb. 8th, 2012 (UTC)

Squee!!! My favorite Season 5 episode that isn't also really depressing!

1. Buffy is right to send Riley with people -- he's not a slayer, and we have historically seen that it takes a whole team of non-slayers to get the job done. I think his behavior here is a powerful illustration of his own emotional breakdown. He doesn't seem to know how to follow, and he's lost his passion for leadership.

I think the gang acting incompetent is meant to be a manifestation of that -- his inability to lead them -- rather than illustrating that they've all inexplicably forgotten how to kill vampires.

3. No, I think that's mythology. We see Spike spoiling for a fight a lot, but we never see him big into revenge or mass slaughter, so it just doesn't seem to fit his style of violence. He seems to like it more -- intimate. Which fits the theme, of course.

5-6. Slayers get combat fatigue. That's a big theme for the last three seasons. It's not that they get tired of life, but they get tired of fighting so hard to stay alive. The fight itself starts to lose meaning. And I love Spike's dialog quoted above -- I think he's putting into words for Buffy things she's been feeling, but not articulated to herself quite so clearly. Which is the role of a poet, after all.

8. She is being mean, but he asked for it. He's been taunting her all night.

9. LOVE the subway slayer scene. LOVE IT. Up there with the sword fight in Becoming as a favorite of the whole series, and the ending is sooooo stylish.

12. Drusilla turning Spike is not only my favorite flashback in this episode, it's my favorite vampire-turning scene pretty much ever. *SIGH*

(Much as I dig Buffy and Spike, I loved Spike and Drusilla first, and as a couple they will always have a special place in my heart.)

But all the flashbacks are great. Everything about this episode is great.

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