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Feb. 7th, 2012 (UTC)

Yay! Just what I need as a respite from flat cleaning, a poll. :)

1. Yes. If it weren't for Riley, Buffy would be dead. No way is she going to let anyone patrol on their own and risk something like that happening to them.

2. Another answer. She's horrible and rude, yes, but I don't think William would've really understood that he had no chance whatsoever had she been anything but horrible. I think he would've managed to delude himself that she was being coy or whatnot. Also, I like to think that, in the past, she had tried to let him down gently, but he just couldn't take a hint. Doesn't make her behaviour any less painful for William, but I think she was totally exasperated by the time of the party and decided to give him a very painful, very rude awakening.

3. Course he did. Maybe he offered them a choice of listening to his poetry or getting spiked through the head, and they still chose the spikes.

4. I'd like to think that she saw something in him.

5. No, cause generalisations - not good.

6. Sometimes. She's still not at that stage at the time of the episode, methinks.

7. Not sure. At this point, it's a no, but 'no way' was a bit too emphatic for the 'no' I had in mind.

8. With all the reasons he's given her, he got away lightly. The guy's just told her that she is gonna acquire a death wish, and that, when that happens, when she's at her most vulnerable, he'll find a way to kill her. I think that's a little bit worse than having his feelings hurt.

9. The subway slayer. She's got a dangerous vibe. The Chinese slayer's got a Karate Kid vibe.

10. Yes, and then he would've immediately regretted it.

11. No way. He's got an image to uphold. Besides, we learn here that what he was telling everybody about his breakup with Dru is completely different from what really happened. He also told Buffy that the subway slayer begged for her life, which she clearly didn't. He's self-mythologising like Robert Lowell on crack.

12. I can only tell you what my current fave flashback is, cause that changes all the time. I chose the last one, because the Chaos Demon blowing a kiss at Dru never fails to crack me up.

13. 5 stars. One of my faves.

Also, I find it a bit disturbing how this blonde, blue-eyed dude offed a Chinese woman and a black woman, and then fell in love with a white, blonde woman. Unfortunate implications. Though you'll probably cover that little thing in your feminist analysis later on. :)

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