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Feb. 7th, 2012 (UTC)

1. I agree with upupa_epops. Also, yeah. It's just dangerous. Buffy frequently doesn't patrol by herself--why should Riley?

2. unreasonably rude. There's just something really cutting about the "beneath me" insult. Ruder than he deserved, even if he was being creepy (which I'm not convinced that he was).

3. Yes! Railroad spike=revenge for their mockery!

4. Yes! Effulgence!

5. Yes! Death wish! Well, that's my guess anyway. I think they likely don't start out with a death wish, but that the burden of being the lone fighter for good, living in secret, abandoning family and dreams and whatnot, combined with constantly seeing death play out at your own hands... after a while, it takes a toll, I bet.

6. Totally death wish. At this point, I think Spike's right, that she has too much to cling to in life, but the death wish is there under the surface--and when the things she clings to are stripped away, the death wish is laid bare.

7. Totally wants to dance. That's part of why she's so mean to Spike, here, I think. Pushing away from the attraction she feels.

8. Another answer--Buffy was really mean--just like Cecily. But with Buffy, I think she's actually lashing out at Spike because she's angry at herself. Angry because she's attracted to him. Angry because she can identify with him. Angry because he can see through her mask and understand her better than anyone ever has before--and what does that say about her, then? If this evil thing that KILLED her sister slayers knows her better than anyone else, what does that mean? If she and him are kindred spirits, then is SHE evil like he is? She's beneath the image she's created for herself. She's not the good Buffy that everyone thinks they know--she's the dark Buffy that only Spike knows. She hates that part of herself--the part that Spike has come to represent for her, so really, Buffy's talking to herself when she tells Spike he's beneath her. She's pushing that part of herself down, denying its existence, stomping on it to make sure it doesn't think it's allowed into the light.

It's awful, but it has way more to do with Buffy's feelings about Buffy than it does to do with her feelings about Spike.

9. Nikki! The subway scene is just so beautiful.

10. My guess is no.

11. No way, Jose. He's always been bad as far as Buffy knows (at this point, anyway).

12. Spike and Nikki! Best of all the flashbacks! Best best best!

13. FIVE BILLIONTY MUTHEREFFING STARS. ALL THE STARS. Easily one of the best episodes of the series.

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