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Feb. 7th, 2012 (UTC)

I've been waiting for this poll. Let's explain.

1 I have another answer. Well, really I don't. I don't understand how Cordelia, back in Graduation Day, stakes a vampire and then Riley super-soldier can't. I understand that a slayer can't fail once and I do believe that generally the risult of a fight depends on various circumstances, but still, this thing isn't clear enough.

2 We didn't see very much of William's story to know if he was a stalker or not. I believe that, probably, he was pretty obsessive but in a non-stalker way. It seems to me that William was very shy and that was the first time he truly reveals his feelings for Cecily. She was pretty rude. But I still don't blame her much.

3 Yes!

4 Yes, she saw something about him.

5 I went for "yes", after all the slayers are deeply connected to death and violence, so it's very easy to develop a death wish. That doesn't mean that every slayer *actually* wants to die.

6 Yes, she does. And, again, that doesn't mean suicide in every possibile situation, but I think that her depression is somehow a natural result of her death wish.

7 Maybe a little, though she wouldn't admit it.

8 She had her reason. After all he was talking about her death and maybe, yes, he pushes a botton, but still it's comprensibile her reaction.

9 Nikki, she was more pragmatic in the fight.

12 I have to chose Spike VS chinese slayer, because it was a great flashback and Spike with those pants and hair his so. damn. sexy. I know, he's sexy in the subway too, possibly more! I really want to be equal. He's sexy in ALL THE VERSION.

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