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Episode Poll: 5.07 Fool for Love

Fool for Love! I'm so excited!

William! If some of these look familiar, it's because I've kinda done polls for this episode in the past. I'm a fan of recycling...but there's new people and maybe your opinion's changed! Also, new questions! Have at it! Seriously, I had to stop myself. I was coming up with far too many questions. It's not fair to the other episodes.

Let's do this!

My favorite episode ever ever ever!Collapse )


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Feb. 8th, 2012 04:32 pm (UTC)
1. She doesn't believe Riley can handle himself(our Buffy can be smart like that sometimes) but she knows he will go no matter what she says(Riley is a jerk like that always) so she does the best she can(which isn't much..)
2. Bitch with a capital B!
3. Well, to quote a popular phrase "DUH!" I would!
4. She realized he was special but I don't believe she actually saw how it will all turn out.
5. Yes. Sooner or later, for at least some amount of time in their lifes.
6. In S5 and S6, yes.
7. More than a little actually but she most definitely isn't ready to admit it.
8. She didn't have a reason! She asked him! Hell, he was being helpful! Sure he was also being Spike but what did she expect? She willing went and asked him to brag about him glory days. That was totally uncalled for, considering that he has every right to punch her with words since she punches him with her fist more than enough.
9. Definitely Nikki! Both had a death wish but Nikki still had a spark. As Spike said the Chinese one was all business.
10. Nah, he would've said something around the lines of her not being worth the headache and stormed off.
11. No way! I'm just not sure if he made up some kind of a story or just left it at 'I've always been bad!'
12. Hah. One of the only 2(3?) answers of mine that are different from the majority. I always loved the flashback to the first Slayer the most because while the Slayer wasn't as awesome and Spike wasn't as badass looking, the fight was absolutely magnificent, the 'I don't speak Chinese' line is absolutely badass, the scene with Dru afterward is one of the hottest thing on Buffy EVER AND him strolling through the town later is absolutely fabulous and probably the awesomest moment(along with him getting his coat back in S7) on the show! Also there's some undeniable glory in his FIRST Slayer. It's like we see him become Spike in that moment. It's really powerful, imo.
13. 5! One of the absolute favorites! Too much Spike not to love it to pieces!
Feb. 8th, 2012 06:35 pm (UTC)
12. I'm surprised that scene isn't getting more votes. It does have the awesome power shot with Spike jumping off the barrel and all. It's FANTASTIC.
Feb. 9th, 2012 09:12 am (UTC)
Absolutely! Brilliant badass moment is brilliant!
Feb. 8th, 2012 05:50 pm (UTC)
Soooooo good an episode.

sort of tired, so, brief

I like Storm's answer on Cecily. She should give him the smackdown. It seems as if "You're beneath me" is pretty extreme. We don't really have enough evidence to know why she went that far -- whether it was because she really felt he wouldn't leave her alone over anything less, or if she really believed she was simply better than him, the former of which I think is well within her rights, the latter not so much.

I kind of think everyone has a death wish? I mean, I think that we all have a 'life wish' too, and the two are not mutually exclusive. I don't know whether slayers are intrinsically more death-wish-y than people are, it's just that they have in a life-and-death situation all the time, so it's more likely to come out and be exposed.

I waffled between sometimes and yes for Buffy, but she has a very strong life-wish too, which is most of the time stronger than her death-wish.

Edited at 2012-02-08 05:57 pm (UTC)
Feb. 8th, 2012 06:35 pm (UTC)
That makes sense. :)
Feb. 8th, 2012 06:30 pm (UTC)
1. Completely reasonable. Especially after Buffy almost got killed fighting just one vamp.

2. I put "unreasonably rude to William", even though I think he was being a bit creepy. But she was still unnecessarily mean. Neither of them came off very well in that scene.

3. Oh, totally.

4. Yes, I think she did. Dru isn't often wrong, is she? I think she saw that Spike would be devoted to her for many long years.

5. I think it was likeadeuce who pointed out that it's ironic that Spike is saying that Slayers have death wishes when he's the one going around picking fight with people who are designed to kill his kind. Who has the death wish, here? I think Spike might be projecting a little. I think some Slayers have death wishes, but I don't think they all do, and I don't think that's why get killed.

6. Sometimes (late S5 through most of S6, obviously), although not necessarily the kind of death wish Spike described.

7. There's definitely some attraction, but I think the disgust is genuine, too.

8. It's deliberately hurtful, but it's all part of the whole little power game they're playing, so I see it as justified (and I don't think Buffy knew she was echoing Cecily's rejection, so it's more hurtful to Spike and the viewer than she intended it).

9. Close call, but I went for Nikki Wood because she has a cooler fight scene, and we learn more about her.

10. I honestly don't know. Probably not. I think he believed her would kill her, though.

11. Absolutely not. The words we hear him say don't match the scenes we are shown. Spike's playing the tough guy, not the sensitive poet.

12. The fight with Nikki Wood, although I like it partly because of the intercutting and the voice-over, so maybe that doesn't count when evaluating what my favorite flashback is.

13. Five stars. Like just about every Spike fan ever, this was the episode where I fell in love not just with the character (who had always been a favorite) but the show.

(Unlike just about every Spike fan ever, it crossed my mind that it was awfully convenient that what we learn about Spike's past gives him all the identifiable traits of a rejected geek, but his present coolness means that he has none of the traits that lead to us geeks being rejected in the first place, and instead all the appealing traits of the sexy cool guy. A bit like having your cake and eating it, too.)
Feb. 8th, 2012 06:36 pm (UTC)
5. Good point.

13. *nods and nods*

(Unlike just about every Spike fan ever, it crossed my mind that it was awfully convenient that what we learn about Spike's past gives him all the identifiable traits of a rejected geek, but his present coolness means that he has none of the traits that lead to us geeks being rejected in the first place, and instead all the appealing traits of the sexy cool guy. A bit like having your cake and eating it, too.)

...huh. Interesting. *has to ponder*
Feb. 9th, 2012 06:00 am (UTC)
Excellent point about the geek/cool factor...although I don't think it's unusual for artists of various sorts to be thought of as weird or geeky when they are still in the formative stages (and beyond), but some of them do become unutterably cool. Not usually because of their street-fighting abilities, though. ;-)
Feb. 9th, 2012 09:28 am (UTC)
2. My take on the "you're beneath me" remark was that Ceciley was aiming higher than William as marriage material - which at the time was a big component of the whole courtship process, the woman had her looks and social standing to trade to the highest bidder, so to speak. William didn't measure up, she felt she could do far better, the fact that he was in love with her (or thought he was) was not even a blip on her radar.
Not that he was actually her social inferior necessarily, but that his poetry and protestations of love or that he was "a good man" were meaningless to Ceciley. I think it was extremely cruel and unnecessary of her to humiliate him the way she did. I did not find him creepy at all, merely shy and awkward. Williams feelings are everything to him (Spike's too) which continue to fuel his actions and time and time cause him to do dumb things open himself up to a lot of humiliation.

3. I don't think so, I think he would have been more preoccupied with "getting to know" Dru and returning for his mother, then seeking revenge immediately following his turning. Now, I could see Angelus doing this, or, finding out about it and arranging a elaborate revenge involving railroad spikes as part of Spikes tutelage as a vampire, the artistry of the kill, etc.

8. It was mean, AND he totally deserved it. He knew the reason she came to him in the first place was that she was feeling vulnerable and he deliberately goaded her at every turn. The way he actually poked at her injury - not too subtle. She saw her opportunity to get her dig in and took it, and she got the final word. (I don't think she knew how cruel her words would be to him though because I don't think he told her anything like the truth.) In contrast to my thoughts question 3. - this time he was totally asking for a smackdown.

10. I don't think he could have done it, he would have found SOME excuse not to when it came right down to it.

I LOVE this episode SO MUCH.
Feb. 10th, 2012 02:02 am (UTC)
3. Vampires seem to have that nasty habit of going back and making sure that they personally punish every single person who ever wronged them when they were living. Take the whole Angelus sitch, for example.

5. My answer is yes to this and to number 6. And my most primary evidence is "The Wish." We saw an entirely different Buffy in that episode, there's no question, but we also see her racing off to confront the Master with no backup, even though it could have been assembled. We see her confronting vamp after vamp with stone-faced precision. And when the Master snaps her neck, she barely struggles. We can SEE that death wish in her eyes. Wishverse!Buffy might have been drastically different than the actual Buffy, but there's still that lingering characteristic, which we also see evident in S6. Buffy's willingness to sacrifice herself in S5 could also be attributed to this.

Also, we have Faith. Faith's a more obvious example since she boldly flirts with danger almost every episode she's in on BtVS. But her first episode on AtS proved that every Slayer has a death wish just as well. She flings herself at Angel and literally begs him to kill her. I think Buffy has a more grounded connection to life and therefore doesn't have such an obvious death wish, but it's my opinion that every Slayer does have a subconscious one.
Feb. 11th, 2012 01:18 am (UTC)
I have to comment on this one - It’s my all time favourite episode!!

2. So Cecily…
I had another answer. Sure, Cecily was kinda harsh with him but if she’s not interested she’s not interested. If a guys writing poetry about you then I’m thinking you’re gonna have to be pretty blunt with him. I don’t think a Spike was creepy stalker guy either; he just writes bad poetry and wants to be in love – he was perfectly respectful to Cecily and didn’t mean to embarrass her. His intentions were honourable. She just wasn’t into him.

5. Do all slayers have a death wish?
If they live long enough, they have the potential to develop one, depending on their circumstances. Death Wishes come and go.

11. Spike is a textbook case of an unreliable narrator in this one :)

12 . Which flashback? Don’t make me choose. I love them all! Okay, you twisted my arm. I went for Spike killing his second slayer (But I love them all).

13. Five Stars!!!
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