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Buffy's Choice

This post is a no comics zone. Don't mention the comics in the comments, please.

I feel I have to address something because I've noticed it a lot lately, and it's making me do that raised eyebrow thing which grows uncomfortable after a while.

There's a common resigned sentiment among Spuffy fans that Buffy, if given the choice between Angel and Spike, would end up choosing Angel.

People, friends of mine, this is silly. In canon, we've had one clear instance where Buffy was given a choice between Angel and Spike. She chose Spike.

At the end of End of Days/beginning of Chosen, Angel swoops in and makes with the whole, "Let me eat your cookies, Buffy!"

A Buffy who would always choose Angel would have said, "Why, yes! Have my cookies and stay by my side and fight with me till victory, my love!"

But canon!Buffy says, "Thanks for the shiny. Go home now so I can cuddle with Spike."

Okay, you can say that Buffy didn't choose Angel in that instance because of the whole crossover issue. But using external factors to dismiss canon is iffy. After all, Maggie Walsh was killed in The I in Team because Lindsay Crouse wanted out/broke her contract. That doesn't make Walsh any less dead. Likewise, the network crossover complication doesn't make Buffy's decision to send Angel packing any less canon.

Of course, the extent and nature of Buffy's feelings for Spike are always up for discussion. However, can we please stop pulling an Eeyore and declaring that Buffy would always choose Angel over Spike when...she didn't.

Let's break this down.

Number of times Buffy's chosen Angel over Spike in canon: 0
Number of times Buffy's chosen Spike over Angel in canon: 1


Nov. 24th, 2010 03:05 am (UTC)
Oh and it doesn't mind you if I add you as a friend ? :)
Nov. 24th, 2010 03:12 am (UTC)
Not at all. Friends are awesome. :)


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