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Jun. 17th, 2010 (UTC)

I think I agree with you about Villians. It has an incredible narrative drive coming after Seeing Red, which blew everything apart. It just grabs all the separate strands and single-mindedly pulls them together to that inevitable conclusion. I can never take my eyes off the screen when it's playing.

I think shipperx makes a good point above that Marti, by speaking of her personal experiences, opens herself up to criticism in a way that the other writers haven't.

Joss has been very open about how The Body was inspired by his mother's death but nobody castigates him for using S5 to work through his bereavement issues. I also think implying Marti brought it on herself (which is beginning to sound like an AR apologisms) by speaking about her experiences is doubly dodgy given that Steve DeKnight not Marti made that particular bit of information public. Marti has spoken about the 'relationship with the wrong person' that B/S was based on but has clearly used both Buffy and Spike draw on her role in it. It was never as simple as "Spike = Bad Boyfriend" when she described it in interviews, in earlier ones she even talked about how their relationship brought out better things in Spike than in Buffy.

I think the problem was quite simply that the writers (including Joss and Marti) had a very different interpretation of Spike's character to that of many fans and the bastards went and wrote the character they saw. For the Spike I was watching the AR was as logical consequence of everything he brought to the relationship as Buffy beating him in the alley was of her contribution. Both were ugly acts but removing either would have made the story feel incomplete.

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