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Jun. 17th, 2010 (UTC)

Marti-bashing makes me sad.

Since I think season six is the show's bravest year, and think that Joss and Marti (and the rest of the staff) are both personal heroes for being willing to make an entire year centred around depression (not just the oft-discussed Buffy's, but also Willow's and at the end of the season Xander's, though they obviously manifest a *lot* differently), even if I were a sexist bashing basher Marti is probably not who I would target. I'm probably a bigger fan of hers than most--I even think really like Into the Woods, for crying out loud. But I have my share of criticisms for her too (mostly Wrecked-centred).

I think the issue of Marti's gender is really important when talking about her. It's not the only thing. I think shipperx makes a good point above that Marti, by speaking of her personal experiences, opens herself up to criticism in a way that the other writers haven't. I do think that there are times when speculating about an artist's personal life has a place in criticism, both positive and negative: I believe, for example, that Marti really went through hardcore depression because season six reads that way to me. Trying to find the line at which the speculation becomes personal attacks is maybe not always easy.

ALL THAT SAID, I've certainly seen people attacking all the women on the writing staff for being in love with JM's abs. I think that there's enough genuinely sexist MN-discussion that we can still talk about this as an overall phenomenon.

Personal attacks aren't unique to women in fandom, at any rate; recently I was reading verrrry old AtS discussion boards and people were accusing Tim Minear basically having a hard-on for Julie Benz and/or Amy Acker and writing Darla and Fred badly as a result of this. I hate it there, too; and I agree that it's much more widespread in the case of Marti.

As an aside: As far as the oft-cited example of how much people love Espenson: from what little I've seen of BSG fandom, Espenson sometimes seems to be bashed a lot there, though I haven't seen enough to be able to tell whether there's any sexism in the comments I've seen; the BSG fandom often seem to be an angry bunch but they might be fair.

Oh, and has anyone mentioned Villains for Reasons We Love Marti? Because as great as New Moon Rising, The Wish, Consequences, I Only Have Eyes For You, Forever, and Bargaining Part 1 are, I think Villains might be my favourite. *sighs wistfully at the pretty darkness*

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