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Jun. 17th, 2010 (UTC)

When it comes to Marti Noxon, I always find myself thinking back to selenak's The Educated Fangirl's Guide To The Spike Wars, because of this:

II. a) Redemptionista Appassionata - Spike's redemption is the best storyline ME ever came up with, and they had to be dragged to the truth kicking and screaming. The RA of course knew it all along. At the very latest when Spike brought flowers to Joyce's funeral. (Who wrote that episode again? Can it be…?) The toughest period for the RA was the AR, which led to much cursing of ME in general and Marti Noxon in particular. Since Marti is not involved in the production of AtS in any official capacity, one wonders who the new target will be as soon as Spike does something remotely questionable.

II. b) Evilista Furiosa - the only acceptable Spike is the second season BTVS version. [...] Look out for Marti Noxon voodoo dolls among the EF s; she is blamed for Spike going soft. (Do not bother to reconcile this with the RA attitude; opposite camps, remember?) Also, the AR briefly returned hope to the EF camp only for ME to cruelly crush it by giving Spike a soul.

And this was written by someone on the sidelines of fandom, exceedingly uninterested in shipping etc. - someone just observing.

Which is my roundabout way of saying that your post is brilliant. It's just that I'm not very awake.

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