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Jun. 17th, 2010 (UTC)

I have execution issues with S6 and I used to think it was Marti, but I now actually think it's a combination of other factors. Also, Joss is the one who has issues with longterm arc plotting, ambitious subversions that he can't always pull off, writing into a corner and wildly improvising to get out of it, and is known for favoring Willow. I am not sure whether it's Marti, Joss, or both's fault that S6 and S7 had pacing issues.

I'd criticize Marti for her tendency towards melodrama, her conventional use of sf/f tropes instead of giving it a BtVS twist, the lack of rocket launcher type stuff (external conflicty goodness), and not being as good at humor as others (JW and JE). I also hold ItW and AYW Riley against her. Her break up eps also leave me cold.

What I don't think Marti gets praise for even when she gets praise: balancing the ensemble and giving everyone a character arc, developing Tara, Willow/Tara having better chemistry, putting metaphors in service of characterization unlike Joss who mixes them up or uses them as shorthand for plot, portrayal of messy motivations, and the strongest season opener of the series. I also think the Buffy/Spike gender dynamic others see was deliberately done by Marti. It usually turns out the more unconventionally sexual stuff originated from Marti.

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