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Jun. 17th, 2010 (UTC)

But if it's the case Marti Noxon is being scapegoated at least in part because she's female, then why is Jane Espenson, who was co-executive producer, beloved by pretty much everyone?

Espenson wasn't full exec producer and de facto showrunner for a season.

As for the idea of her expressing her sexuality via the show, I had very few problems with plenty of shirtless Spike, though even I had to admit that it was getting excessive in a way the show had never done before. What really bothered me though was the idea that the exact same sexuality was always immediately linked to massive shame and wrongness. The public anal sex scene on the Bronze catwalk? About three steps beyond good taste.

There's one thing to criticize sex on the show. It's another to shame Noxon for "just wanting to see JM with his shirt off". There's a distinction in criticisms there.

The problem is there was little to no blend I could see between the Buffy and Spike of seasons 5 and 6.

I disagree. I think it was an incredibly natural progression and very well-done (I think the Buffy/Spike relationship of S6 is one of the best parts of the season). However, back to what I said above: you can criticize Noxon for going off-course on characterization if that's what you think happened. It's another thing to criticize her for using her experiences, which is neither here nor there. If you think it's a bad story, then think it's a bad story. There's no need to shame women for putting their own life into their works. Instead, criticize them when they fuck up in how they do it.

Oh, and for the record, David Fury's infamous statements about women who want to marry serial killers being equivalent to fans who liked Spike pretty much blacklisted him from a lot of fans' books as much as anything Noxon did, so Noxon's reception is not unique.

I never said it was. In fact, I went on at length about how it plays differently due to different cultural contexts. There was a whole superhero example.

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