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Jun. 16th, 2010 (UTC)

I can't post on Whedonesque, so you're it. Sorry.

I love Marti Noxon. I think she did an amazing job. Season 6 is one of my favorites, and I lay that partly (if not largely) on her doorstep. When I hear her talk about the show, I get warm fuzzies. I'm pleased that she's gone on to success in other shows, though none of them appeal to me in quite the same way as BtVS.

I get excited by the multi-gender make-up of the writers' room on Buffy, and I think it made the show great...greater than it would have been otherwise. Although Jane Espenson is my favorite BtVS writer — something I arrived at by checking the writers credits on my "list of favorites" — I can see Ms. Noxon's fingerprints all over the later seasons, and it is good. One thing that is specific to me is that she and I went the same school (different times), so whenever there is a reference to our alma mater I get to say, "Good one, Marti."

Plus, I am all for the eye candy, and although I know it all began with JM baring his abs to Joss, I love the way she ran with it. Fair is fair, boyos. Also, I love that JM said, even after he'd been "exploited as a sex symbol" by her, that she's the one he probably pick to hang out with on a desert island. To me, that says she's smart, capable, and funny.

She's not perfect, as none of us are. However, my only real criticism is that her name is too close to that of voice over artist Marni Nixon, which I find confusing.

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