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The negative space *around* Marti Noxon

There's a fascinating post on Feministe that's been discussed lately: How Come It's Never Joss' Fault? The Scapegoating of Female Creators in Pop Culture.

It's primarily about Marti Noxon and the bile that gets directed at her for her part in S6. This article got posted on Whedonesque, and a read-through of the comments reveals a general lack of understanding of the problem. Understandable, because I think the situation is more nuanced than the initial post lets on.

There's a lot of explanations that Noxon gets criticized because of the execution problems in S6, that it's not because she's a woman, and that any exec producer would have been criticized for it.

I think it's true that any executive producer at the time would have come under such criticism, but there are more layers to the problem than just that.

The layers? They're under the cut.Collapse )


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Jan. 8th, 2012 04:55 am (UTC)
Exec producers who are men litter their shows with naked women because they 'just' like to see women naked. Oh my Goddess, that drove me nuts in the pilot of Caprica. Every single time they went into the virtual world, they had to go past the titty room. To the point that I was wondering if the director and producers were eleven year old boys. Oh, and this was an episode where they complained because they ran out of time for everything they wanted to so with the sister who ran the (I think it was called) Athenian Academy.

I can make a point for going to the titty room once, because they were showing it was a decadent society. Possibly a second time, since you've got the main character's father (been a while and I've forgotten names) so there was that whole "My daughter's been coming HERE?" thing, except he so underplayed the character that you didn't actually see that.
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